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Ballance Remix is a re-created version of Ballance by Cyparade.
Using the same engine (Virtools, which already reached its end-of-life), Ballance Remix can reuse almost all maps created for Ballance.

Development Status
[2013????]Now Ballance Remix is paused. It may be restarted years later and may be fully rewritten with another engine.
[20130417]Several fixes for menu items.
[20130214]Optimize code for gameplay.
[20130101]New year version! The game system is almost completed.
[201209??]Basic physic world and cameras.
[20120612]Project started based on the Ballance Map Previewer.

Ballance Remix is temporary unavailable here, for this project has been paused.
Here is an external link for Ballance Remix 20130214.
Assessments and Demos
To test if your computer is capable of running Virtools, goto this page and take the test.
Ballance Remix is licenced under the terms of GPLv3.
The virtools part of the program is licenced separately.
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