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BLRIII menu screenshot
Bullet Lab Remix is an open source game project inspired by Gameboltz's Bullet Lab (Original link, dead) and (somehow) the Touhou Project. However, this is a strange game with its own style.
(Surprisingly, this game has native Linux support!)
System Requirements

Bullet Lab Remix supports almost all modern i386/amd64 computers. See Readme in the game folder for details.
Development Status

[20150912]Bullet Lab Remix III is now in its main development phase.
[20150614]Bullet Lab Remix III first development phase finished... The whole development folder can be found here.
[20150217]Bullet Lab Remix II 1.0.0-0 completed! Get source code Here!
[20130828]Bullet Lab Remix I 1.0.3 (stable release) Released!

Click here to visit the download folder, which includes all binaries for different operating systems and, of course, the source code!

Project git repository
Screen Shots

View Screen Shots Here(not maintained and outdated).
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