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Welcome to the home page of Chris Xiong, a Chinese programmer living overseas.

You will find my works, collections and pieces of thoughts here.

Have fun exploring!


Here's an incomplete list of projects maintained by me. You may find more projects listed in my code library, or under my GitHub profile.

For projects with license files, please refer to them for licensing details. Other projects, especially the old inactive ones, are provided "as-is", licensed under the terms of the Expat (MIT) license and come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Use them at your own risk.

Active Projects

Contributed Projects

I've made contributions to these projects, more or less.

Pending Projects

Archived Antique Projects

Some of these projects are permanently lost in a disaster.


Development Blog

Sharing thoughts on software development and recording progress of my projects.

Nonsense Blog

Pure garbage. Caveat emptor.

No RSS feed provided.


Music Library

Music arranged and some, composed, by me.

Picture Library


Code Library

Get lost in my messy code!

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