SBS 2.0 is now the default blog browser

#devel #web

As you may have noticed, the blog system has been fully revamped. The new system -- the Stupid Blogging System 2.0 -- uses the same design as the new home page and assemblies the page dynamically in the browser using AJAX. The backend is written in C++ with a snake oil "cgilib" and its source code can be found here. All frontend and backend code is licensed under the Expat (MIT) license (possibly because the code is way too useless for general-purpose web application development).

One of the biggest changes brought to the visitors by SBS2.0 is the tags support. Now you can filter the posts through a single tag of your choice. By far the filter only accepts a single tag. Although adding support of multi-tags filter is fairly easy, I haven't found the reason to implement it yet.

Obviously this won't work if you disable JS in your browser. Also, due to the usage of some ES6 features, it requires an ES6-enabled browser. The frontend is developed with the help of Chrome 56 and Firefox 52. Microsoft Edge doesn't like my code. I don't have any Apple iOS/macOS devices so I didn't test it in Safari. Sorry to Microsoft and Apple fanboys and fangirls!

SBS2.0 is still shit compared to any other blogging systems.

Backend: cgi programs written in pure C++
Frontend: Vanilla JS(ES5+some ES6 features)+HTML5+CSS3
Officially supported browsers: Chrome 56+ & Firefox 51+