Now using reverse proxy to deliver content

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Now I'm using apache2 as a reverse proxy server on Conoha to deliver the content of As the network link between my local server and Conoha is prone to high delay (especially when using IPv6, which is default...), you may notice a major slow down when browsing this site.

Anyway, it's the first time this stupid website can be accessed again outsite the stupid university since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Long live the CPC!

I've also enforced TLS even further: now any http traffic to will be redirected to use https instead. However I loosened the enforcement on the original server. (http traffic directly to the original server will not be redirected)

The original server is now located at (it's also at, without the corresponding SSL certificate). You may still access it directly if you are inside the StupiD University or have proper IPv6 access. (Uncommon ports and ports vital to infrastructure management such as 22, 1024 and 25565 are not yet blocked, so I might setup a webserver on port 10243(h2/https) and 10248(http) for file delivery later.) Also I may consider enabling caching if the load time is intolerable.

Below is a Chinese translation (with extra stupid content if you know Chinese).


我用Conoha上的VPS搭了一个Apache反向代理,目前 的全部内容均由这个反向代理提供。然而因为辣鸡专科学校到Conoha机房的网络延迟相当高 (默认使用的IPv6延迟相对IPv4更高……),所以访问速度可能会受到影响……


另外强制https方面做得更严了。现在任何到 的http流量均会被强制转向https。(不过到原服务器的要求放宽了。)

现在原服务器在a.chrisoft.org这里(其实也在 b.chrisoft.org上,然而这个其实并没有什么实际用途,也没有相应的SSL证书)。 如果你身处辣鸡专科学校内,或者有合适的IPv6访问,大概还是能直接访问原服务器的。 (辣鸡专科学校并没有屏蔽不常见或者一些管理用的端口,比如22,1024和25565。 所以我以后可能还会在这里放一些文件服务器之类的。)如果页面加载速度太慢的话, 我可能还需要考虑启用Apache的缓存功能。


Conoha now redirects me to their new landing page...