The stupid blogging system evolved!

#web #devel #js

As you may not have noticed this time, the blogging system I am currently on received yet another major revamp: unlike the previous SBS, which will not work at all if you have JavaScript disabled or trying to browse with lynx/links/w3m, the new SSBS is almost fully static: no JavaScript involved on the client side if you decide not to read my encrypted crap!

This is a rather small update on the visual side: it shouldn’t have a huge impact on the reading experience by only stripping away some animations. More changes are actually under the hood.

SBS 2.0 is archived and retired immediately. Old URLs will not be redirected. Substantial changes may still come up to the current version and may break unless a complete reload is performed.

Full changelog below:

  • + Static page generator using node.js.
  • + Content encryption with AES instead of simple XOR.
  • + Decryptor now remembers every correct passphrases in local storage and try to decrypt once the page has been loaded.
  • + Optional custom preprocessor pass for markdown/reStructuredText support.
  • - Vim-like command buffer, animations and key bindings removed on the posts listing page.

The decryptor requires a ES7-enabled browser to work. All testing was done in Chromium 71 and Firefox 62. I don’t use ‘JavaScript best practices’ or ‘industrial standard testing processes’. It just works.

Find out more here.