No, I'm not dead


No I’m not dead. Sure this blog has been snubbed for quite a while now, and I just marked 5 old unfinished posts (from 2019 all the way to 2021) as WIP so that they do not appear here. Just not feeling finishing them up (or writing anything) right now.

Quick status update

I’m doing random, stupid researches – as an average computer scientist wannabe. Also I’m learning Latin. Nondum possum loqui. (or write, for that matter – sudden code-switching)

What have I done

  • My first Minecraft mod (server only, and unrelated to gameplay – so probably uninteresting to anyone but server maintainers)
  • A few fluidsynth commits
  • Trying to extract stuff from my SD-80 (and failing no-so-spectacularly)
  • Messing on a shitty block game server called 2b2t
  • Writing a skyblock datapack, and playing it
  • Random researches in various CS fields until I could settle somewhere firmly
  • Falling into the functional programming cult

When are the unfinished posts gonna be finished?

I don’t know. I reckon that would be somewhere in <redacted>.