2024 Site Update


I figured I wanted to give an update on this website (and my current state in general), so why don’t do it on the leap day…


The blog has been renamed. Its new name is “Specluncam Ursae” (Bearess’ Den). And the link has been condensed into a single one “Specluncam Ursae visere” (Visit the Bearess’ Den).

The name change has been on my mind for years actually. I enjoy word play quite a lot, and my surname (which literally means “bear” in the language) is an excellent subject of word play – also a source of bullying when I was a kid. Since the blog is a place where I just randomly dump stuff, I figured the name “bear’s den” would be a suiting name, as I treat it as the home to my thoughts. (Well, not every single one of them, as you’ll see soon…) As for why it’s in Latin, that’s because I started naming things in Latin whenever I feel like it since I started learning the language.

Removing the categories “Development blog” and “Nonsense blog” is another long overdue change. They were actually a leftover of the original PHP-based version of SBS. By the time tags were introduced to SBS version 2, those links have been de facto obsolete. I just didn’t find the excuse to remove them.

“Why are you using the feminine version of the word ‘bear’?” you may ask. Well the reason is twofold: first is to disassociate with the hairy, non-heterosexual male stereotypical imagery of bears. The second reason is the same as why I wrote “However according to the Haskell tutorial found at haskell.org, "chirs" == sort "chris" and is her twin nemesis. That would be a very playful joke.” on the homepage. [1]

One last point here. I decided to shift the focus of this blog to more technical subjects. The majority of future posts will be on technical aspects of my personal projects – I’m going to leave my profession work (if I can call it that) elsewhere. Reviews and relevant personal updates will still be posted. Political stuff will still be kept at a minimum. But I promise those old, extremely cringeworthy posts on trifling matters will be no more – I was reviewing some of those old posts recently and part of me really wanted to take them off the website… It’s really for everybody’s interest that I keep those to myself…

As for the unfinished posts… no they will probably never get finished, ever.

Home Page

There were a few readability improvements made to the home page. One of them is that the about section no longer requires JavaScript to load. This “noscript support improvement program” might extend to other sections in the future as well. Besides that, nothing really changed. There will be no design change to the home page in the foreseeable future. The random design I used for QMidiPlayer’s documentation is a surprisingly serviceable template (at least to my eyes).

I may reorganize the list of projects in a different way some day.

Serving the Website

The URL on the filestorage subdomain is now served through Cloudflare’s CDN. This will have a positive impact on the load time of blog images and tracks in the music library, but not much else.

Other Online-presence Stuff

I’m not on Twitter anymore. [2] I have uninstalled their mobile application and blocked their website (at my own discretion). I’m only keeping the account because Musk is a narcissistic dick, and doesn’t let me see shit on that website if I somehow have to obtain a certain piece of information from it without logging in (I really should use a burner account for that purpose shouldn’t I?). I now post my random crap on Mastodon, on a public instance (c.im).

I’m considering to set up a private email server (once again) as my personal gmail account is flooded with useless junk and my work email is flooded with another type of junk. Once that’s done I will update my homepage to reflect that.

Also I somehow restored access to my supposedly deleted Bilibili account. I don’t intend to post much there but I guess it’s back now.

I think that’s it? Now I should really get some sleep to recover from my sleep deprived ass…

[1]: Well, the reason I listed on the homepage is actually a lie, but the real reason doesn’t really matter here.
[2]: Fuck Melon Husk. I repeat, FUCK MELON HUSK! No I don’t want to have sexual intercourse with him.