September 2019 Site Update


It’s been a while since the last site update. It’s time for one now.

The Privacy Update

The commit

This is not a visually significant update. Aside from some wording changes and new links, there’s nothing much more to it. The most important stuff is (again) all under the hood.

Getting rid of recaptcha

In the February site update, I upgraded the site from recaptcha 2 to recaptcha 3. Now it’s time to remove it.

As a privacy update, the task of the highest priority is to free users of this site from lengthy and obscure privacy terms (also non-free scripts) made by monopolistic tech giants like Google. And I was actually planning to do so for quite some time. It finally happened.

I have now switched to a relatively relaxed backend-only check that only checks whether your public IP address is in a blacklist (

The “Privacy Policy”

If you haven’t read it yet, read it here.

This is not a very serious privacy policy, but rather just random rambling on privacy-related topics.

Anyway this fulfilled quite an important missing part of my website, be it good or not.

And … that’s all?

Um… there’s also a new ‘hosted by ConoHa’ banner on the main page to reflect the current state of this site. It leads to their ‘ConoHa mode’ index (as opposed to the plain main page without their virtual character). It’s not a sponsored link so I don’t earn anything if you click it.

Also also, I’ve got hold of a new domain name ( Check it out!

With that said, everything in this update should be covered now. Not a huge update is it?