Chris Xiong

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Species Homo sapiens
Born October 24, 1997 (age 18)
Dongying, Shandong, China
Abilities Mainly the ability to manipulate electronic devices
Nationality Chinese
Political party None
Political belief Unclear
Religion None
Occupation None
Sighted at... Computer room
Utility room
E-waste-filled basement
Electrical room
Signature Chris_Xiong_Signature
warning This blog post is written in a mock wikipedia style. However, it's an autobiography.
For reference only! Just for fun!

Chris Xiong is a Chinese programmer (now upgrading to a software engineer). He hasn't make any significant contribution to the world of computer yet.

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Early life

As a child of two outer party members, Chris Xiong's childhood life differs from most peers. As a result, his childhood life is often described as "dull" by others. However, he insists that is not the case.

Preschool and elementary school life

Chris Xiong did not go to kindergarten as other childs.

Known problems

  • The task scheduler is crappy.
  • A fault tolerant kernel is needed.
  • We need a new execution control module.