Information on R-BUS / RMDB 2 and my related projects.

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R-BUS (also called RMDB2 / RMDB II on older products) is an obsolete proprietary interconnect format that carries bidirectional MIDI and digital audio data created by Roland. It was used on Roland products released from the late 90s to early 2000s. (Excerpt from the detailed information page)

For more detailed information on the R-BUS format, including electric and signaling specifications, please visit this page.

A (currently very short) list of my projects related to R-BUS:

Name Image Description Resources
RBUS-ADAT Record your XV-5080 without the cable clutter! This handy little board converts the 8-channel digital output on the XV-5080’s R-BUS port to the ADAT lightpipe format for easy recording with modern equipment. Project Repository

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