Building QMidiPlayer from source

Building QMidiPlayer from source is as easy as any other qmake projects.
1. Get the dependencies.
Currently QMidiPlayer depends on these libraries:
qt5, libfluidsynth(FluidSynth), librtmidi(RtMidi)
If you want to build the lite version as well, you need several QML core modules.
Get the libraries for your platform, open the project with Qt Creator, configure and hit Build! (You may also use the qmake-make way).
Please note that QMidiPlayer requires C++11 to build.



0. (Windows version) It complains about a missing dll!

Please download and install Visual Studio 2015 Runtime Library.

1. Can I help translate this program?

Of course! Please make a pull request or contact me.

2. I have found a bug in this program. Where to report the bug?

Please use the github issue tracker. Don't forget to check if the bug has already been fixed in a newer version!

3. On what platform(s) do you develop this project?

Major platforms used:

Platforms for building the Windows version:

Contact the author

E-mail: chirs241097 'at' gmail 'dot' com
Twitter: @chirs241097