If troubleshooting cannot solve your problem, please don't hesitate to report an issue.

1. I can't hear anything!

1) Check current audio driver in the option dialog. Do not use an audio driver that is not installed on your system.
2) If no soundfont is loaded, the synthesizer won't make any sound...
3) Check audio buffer settings in the synth section.
4) Check if your midi file is valid.

2. The playback is intermittent.

Try increasing audio buffer size and/or audio buffer count in synth options.

3. MIDI timing is messed up.

This is a known issue under Windows. Try decreasing audio buffer size and increasing audio buffer count.

4. Some files cannot be played.

5. Some soundfonts cannot be loaded.

Files names with characters unsupported by the system locale won't load correctly in Windows. This is a known issue.

6. Sound is distorted.

Try reducing the master volume.

7. Bank selecting is incorrect for the internal synth.

Change default midi mapping if necessary.

8. Bank selecting is incorrect for external devices.

Bank selecting to external devices is sent in raw format. The midi file may be incompatible with your device.

9. 3D visualization is upsidedown/rotated/black.

For those who see a rotated display, try setting Visualization-Video/Multisampling to 1 or above. If that doesn't solve your problem or you see nothing at all, please send me more details about your problem.