The default visualization comes as a plugin of QMidiPlayer. So before using it you have to enable it first in the plugin manager.
To use the visualization, click the Visualization button in the main window.
The visualization plugin adds two new option tabs.


      |                              ↱Hold left mouse button and drag:
   up |  down                       ┌──┬──┐     Adjust viewport.
   ↓  ↓  ↓                          │  │  │
   Q  W  E  R←reset viewport        ├──┴──┤
   A  S  D                          │     │
   ↑  ↑  ↑                          │     │
left  |  right        ←  →          │     │
      |          Seek left/right    └─────┘
   backward   (Hold shift to seek 5% instead of 1%)

Known problems

In some systems closing and reopening the visualization results in a crash. This is due to a dbus-related conflict in SDL and Qt.


The options listed here are applied after closing and reopening the visualization.